What is Cohousing?


The term “cohousing” refers to a type of housing which began in Denmark over 50 years ago and is now is a growing phenomenon in Europe and the United States.   And it is slowly developing in Canada.   In B.C. there are currently over 21 well-established cohousing communities, ranging from urban to agricultural, from seniors to mixed generation, with dwellings from modest apartments to rather elegant dwellings overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Cohousing” is a type of intentional community – large or small -- in which members who share common values commit to a lifestyle that is mutually supportive, engaging and sustainable. In practical terms, members live in completely independent moderate-sized dwellings or apartments and enjoy privacy as well as a healthy social life  -- while conserving resources as they share some common spaces, amenities and activities.  The community is generally planned, owned and managed by its members.  

Almost every cohousing community is developed and shaped physically, socially and financially through the active participation of the people who will live there.   

There are a growing number of seniors cohousing communities where forward-thinking individuals and couples have not only their own modest-sized homes, but also a rich social fabric of stimulation and mutual support, resulting in an extended sense of purpose, security as well as physical and mental well-being.

Please see our RESOURCES page for information about the valuable possibilities created by living in a cohousing community, and especially note articles about seniors cohousing.