The Building

Artist concept drawing

Artist concept drawing

Located within walking distance of downtown Perth, the building will be an attractive three-story building (with elevator) containing 11 units and common areas, all of which are designed by an architect sensitive to the interests of the future residents; the architect is also knowledgeable with respect to energy efficiency and sustainable building materials. The future residents have been and will continue to be actively engaged in the design process up to the completion of the building.

The design itself will provide for fully independent individual 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 850 SF to 1000 SF. The layout of the units and the common space will provide for both privacy and the opportunity for fulfilling social interaction.

Cost estimates are not yet finalized, but are anticipated to be in the range of +/- $250,000.

Projected Timelines

Ground-breaking: March 2019

Move-in: late fall 2019