Senior Cohousing Handbook by Charles Durrett (Perth Library has copy)

Creating Cohousing by Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant

Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian (Perth Library has copy)

The Cohousing Handbook by Chris Scott Hanson.  An excellent “how to” reference. (This version is provided by Internet Archive and is a digital version, they provide many platforms that you can download, including PDF) 


Is there a Cohousing Community in your Future by Kathy Gottberg

Better Aging with (Social) Chemistry by Erin Anderssen

There’s Community and Consensus. But It’s No Commune.


Potential Benefits of Cohousing for Older People – A Literature Review by Maria Brenton September 2010


Other Links

For a broad overview see article “Is cohousing the future”:

Innovating Seniors Housing.  Four linked publications on creating senior cohousing wherever you live.  Two additional publications extract the How-To sections of the complete publication as practical guides to (1) create new build cohousing and (2) retrofit existing multifamily residential housing to add cohousing principles.   The authors are founding directors of the Canadian Senior Cohousing Society based in Sooke, B.C.

How to Create a Cohousing Community      

Aging in Cohousing  Many links on this website !

Some Senior Cohousing Communities

Wolf Willow Cohousing, Saskatoon, SK

Harbourside Cohousing, Sooke, BC

Wolf Creek Lodge, Grass Valley, CA  

Silver Sage Village, Boulder, CO

ElderSpirit Community, Abingdon, VA

Elderberry Cohousing, Person County, NC



Canadian Cohousing Network

Canadian Senior Cohousing Society

Cohousing Association of the United States 

Fellowship for Intentional Communities