Our Achievements so far

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Since our first meeting in June 2015 we have

  • Between June 2015 and September 2017 we had Bi-weekly meetings, with attendance as high as 24, but generally around 16 people, demonstrating a sustained interest in making the Perth cohousing project happen.  Beginning in October 2017 there will be one monthly General Meeting, and Circles (committees) will meet according to need during each month.

  • Increased our skills in using a collaborative discussion and decision-making process.

  • Through extensive discussion developed a Vision and Mission Statement which guides us in decision-making

  • Developed a website.

  • Agreed that our community members will generally be 55 and over.

  • Agreed that our location will be within walking distance of downtown Perth.

  • Realized that, depending on the site chosen,  our project will ideally contain 12 self-contained units (attached houses or2-story apartment), plus ample common space for weekly common meals, gatherings and activities.

  • Surveyed participants regarding their space and amenity needs.

  • Designed, printed and distributed a very attractive brochure.

  • Honed our skills in facilitating discussion in meetings, and in making decisions by consensus.

  • Viewed a number of properties, and realized the challenge of finding a large enough property within walking distance of downtown Perth.

  • Identified potential properties meeting our criteria, and are investigating their viability.

  • Communicated with town officials, lawyers, architect, bank, builders and consultants.

  • Established Circles of responsibility (Committees) to realize the work of developing our cohousing initiative. 

  • Initiated levels of membership (Full, Supportive, Warmth).

  • Held an information evening, and participated in presenting information to other community groups and organizations.

  • In the process we have enjoyed our meetings, and developed caring relationships which have already borne fruit when members have had unexpected challenges or needed a hand.


    We continue to investigate properties, to seek to increase our skills in communication and decision-making, and gain knowledge of the legal, financing, development and sustainability aspects of this project.


    AND, very importantly, we seek more visitors and participants who will bring their enthusiasm and skills to our meetings, and to the realization of cohousing in Perth !