Legal and Organizational Structure


Legal/Ownership Structure

Tay Commons Cohousing will be a Condominium, and as such is regulated by the Condominium Act of Ontario. Owners of units will be members of the Condominium Corporation, and will have the opportunity to serve on the executive of the corporation. Each unit is separately owned, while the common areas of the building and real property are jointly owned.

The Organizational Structure

The Condominium Act of Ontario identifies a requirement for President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Condominium. While honouring all requirements of the Act, the organizational structure of Tay Commons Cohousing will be founded on Circles (akin to Committees), each of which will have a specific area of responsibility. Members of the community will have the opportunity, and in fact be expected to serve on a Circle or Circles. As of October 2018 the Circles are Community Building Circle, Residents Members Circle, Legal/ Property Circle, Communication Circle, Financial Circle and Process Circle.


Decisions are made through a process of discussion(s), the aim of which is to arrive at consensus. Cohousing draws on skills that often are not developed in ordinary organizations: skills in listening, communicating, facilitating, decision-making; group members seek to build these skills through study, workshops and practice in meetings.