Organizational Structure


Opportunity for participation at all levels of the organization is a distinctive feature of cohousing.   Circles (akin to committees) are composed of members committed to research and make recommendations to the larger group.  The current circles are Community Building and Process Circle; Financial Circle;  Legal/Property Acquisition Circle;  Design, Construction and Sustainability Circle;  Full Members Circle.  The Team leaders of each circle form the Steering Circle.

Decision Making  

Decisions are made through a process of discussion(s), the aim of which is to arrive at consensus.     Cohousing draws on skills that often are not developed in ordinary organizations:  skills in listening, communicating, facilitating, decision-making;  group members seek to build these skills through study, workshops and practice in meetings.


There are three categories which reflect the degree of commitment members are able to make at present;  funds obtained from membership are used to further the development of the cohousing project.

Full Membership:                       Fee:  $200 per year

Supporting Membership:             Fee:  $100 per year         

Warmth Membership:                 Fee:  $50 per year