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Our membership structure has evolved over the past. 

Effective November 1, 2018, our membership consists of a number of people who:

  • attend meetings regularly

  • are committed to the ideals and concepts of cohousing;

  • are in agreement with the Tay Commons Cohousing Vision Statement;

  • participate in Circles

  • pay annual dues of $100 per person

  • participate in discussions that affect all members of the Tay Commons Cohousing community

Some members anticipate being residents and some do not, but they are linked by valuing creative and supportive social relationships.  In the development of a building future residents will have rights and responsibilities pertaining to their ownership of the building, but all members contribute to the Tay Commons Cohousing community as a whole.

In addition, there is a Warmth cohort, people who are interested in our project and friendly towards the group but are not members. There is no fee for the Warmth cohort.

People in the Warmth cohort interested in becoming members of Tay Commons Cohousing community follow an established process for applying to do so.