As you already know, Perth is a creative and dynamic town ! Creative and caring initiatives have led to the high level of artistic, environmental and social opportunities which surround us. All of this has happened through individual and group initiative.  And now in Perth there is cohousing on the horizon.

The term cohousing refers to a type of intentional community – large or small -- in which members who share common values commit to a lifestyle that is mutually supportive, engaging and sustainable. In practical terms, members live in private modest-sized apartments or dwellings and enjoy a healthy social life while conserving resources as they share common spaces, amenities and activities.  The community is generally planned, owned and managed by its members.  

Cohousing is a growing phenomenon in Europe and the United States.   And it is slowly developing in Canada.   In B.C. there are currently over 21 well-established cohousing communities, ranging from urban to agricultural, from seniors to mixed generation, with dwellings from modest apartments to rather elegant dwellings overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The first meeting in Perth of people who wished to explore the possibility of cohousing occurred on June 4, 2015.   Right away it was clear that here were adventurous people looking to the future, to their senior years and wanting a dynamic and purposeful life – creative, caring, connected  and independent for as long as possible.   They also saw that the physical design and the lifestyle of the community could reflect a concern for protecting the environment and conserving energy.   

Every cohousing community is developed and shaped physically, socially and financially through the active participation of the people who will live there.   Since June our group  (approximately 20  in number) has come together every two weeks for a pot-luck dinner, for getting to know each other, and for enjoying sometimes challenging discussions and decisions.   

Our community, composed primarily of people over 55,  will be within walking distance of downtown Perth.    Ideally the community will include some rental units for seniors of limited income.    We have a vision statement, a mission statement, a proposed name, Tay Commons Cohousing, and are moving forward with application for not-for-profit incorporation.

We welcome visitors to our bi-weekly meetings which are stimulating, productive and full of mutual appreciation and laughter !       

For more information and dates of upcoming meetings, please check out this website, or contact

Louise McDiarmid                                                      Susan Samila

613-264-8590                                                              613-264-1196