Welcome to the Perth Cohousing Initiative!

We are Seniors shaping how we will live in the coming years;  we are designing and developing a housing community which will offer

  • Private, independent dwellings

  • An environment of neighbourly concern & support

  • Some shared amenities & activities

  • A creative, healthy, participatory lifestyle

  • An opportunity to live as sustainably as possible

    …all within walking distance of lovely downtown Perth,  Ontario


“Cohousing” can be a misleading word.  It is NOT communal living, but IT IS a living style which research in the U.K. and California has shown enables seniors to live healthier, happier and more independently for a longer time. 

We are a group of practical visionaries, who are actively looking at properties, exploring ownership options, and consulting with professionals.   Join us and be part of this dynamic process of creating a positive life ahead. 


You will find extensive information about cohousing and our project on this website.  And please come to get to know us and the project at our monthly meeting:


Meeting:  6 p.m. on the 1st Thursday of every month – a Potluck dinner meeting. 

Usual Location: McMartin House, 125 Gore Street, Perth.

For more information please contact:


Louise McDiarmid  louise_43@sympatico.ca   613-264-8590


      Susan Samila  ssamila@storm.ca   613-264-1196