Will I own my unit?      Member-owners will own a percentage of the total cohousing property -- a percentage which represents their own unit and a portion of the common spaces. In this legal structure, called Tenants-in-Common, owners may sell their property;  should the owner die, their heirs are the beneficiaries.  A Tenants-in-Common Agreement is currently being developed which will identify the rights and responsibilities of the owners.

Will the government subsidize costs?     To date, we know of no government subsidy to cohousing in Canada. 

Is there an age restriction?     Our cohousing community is being created by people 55 and older.

How many units will there be in total?     Ideally, 12 units but we are flexible as to total number.

Who will manage the cohousing property? (Will I be expected to shovel snow?)      The residents council manages the cohousing complex, including contracting out maintenance such as snow-clearing.

Will there be a garden?     Several of us are ardent gardeners and greenspace for gardening is a high priority.

May I have a pet?     Pets may be grand-fathered in;  they should be leashed when outside of the private home.

May I smoke?     Because the homes will be attached, the homes & community spaces will be tobacco-free.

Is the project affiliated with a church or other organization?     We are not affiliated with any other organization, but we are not averse to partnering with a group which would respect our autonomy, diversity and values. as well as our secular nature.

How “open” is the community?     We welcome anyone who shares our values and purpose and is willing to share the responsibilities and the benefits of the community we create together.

Are you taking new members?     Yes.