Our Vision and Intentions

Vision Statement        

We, at Tay Commons Cohousing, are creating a community of seniors who look forward to living well in an atmosphere of caring and support.  Our modest dwellings, built in an environmentally responsible way, will provide privacy and promote a lifestyle founded on concern for the well-being of each other and the wider world.  We wish to take our place as engaged elders contributing to our community and beyond as we embrace the challenges and joys of a shared future.

Mission Statement

By its physical design and the priorities and skills of its members, Tay Commons is an example of seniors as caring, capable, contributing individuals living responsible, enriching, proactive lives.

December 3, 2015

Our Intentions

  • We will seek to embody and put into action values of respect, compassion, generosity, mutual support, responsibility, diversity, creativity and life-long learning.

  • Our not-for-profit cohousing community will be financed by its members.                

  • Our members will be active participants in establishing priorities and design of our building(s), with attention to encouraging a strong sense of community.

  • Both the design and the lifestyle of the community will reflect a concern for protecting the environment, conserving energy, and sharing resources, including car sharing.

  • Our physical structure(s), located within walking distance of downtown Perth, will include accessible private units and common spaces for social gatherings, shared activities, meals and practical necessities such as a workshop, recycling room, etc.

  • We will

    • know our neighbours well

    • assist each other as needs arise, or help to get required assistance

    • share knowledge, skills and wisdom we have garnered over our lifetimes

    • interact with and contribute to the wider community

    • laugh and enjoy life together.

  • We will consciously seek to enhance our listening, communicating and decision-making skills.

  • We will actively participate in organizing, managing and maintaining our community.

  • We will cultivate awareness and concern for the well-being of the natural world and humankind.