Welcome to the Tay Commons Cohousing Community!

(formerly Perth Cohousing Initiative)

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After three years of working together to create cohousing in Perth, we are thrilled to say that our Offer to Purchase land has been accepted – and the site is within walking distance of downtown ! We are actively participating with the architect to design an 11-unit apartment-style building which will be designed to provide fully independent apartments AND to foster a vibrant life among the residents. The building itself will be bright, energy efficient, built with sustainable materials and technologies.

Our Tay commons Cohousing members, who are seniors 55 + , are truly looking forward to a healthy, participatory lifestyle in an environment of pleasurable activities, neighbourly concern and support.

You will find extensive information about cohousing and our project on this website.

And please come to get to know us and the project at one of our monthly meetings!

Meetings: 6 p.m. on the 1st Thursday of the month – a Potluck dinner meeting

Location: McMartin House, 125 Gore Street E., Perth.

For more information please contact:

Louise McDiarmid or Susan Samila louise_43@sympatico.ca ssamila@storm.ca 613-264-8590 613-264-1196