Welcome to the Tay Commons Cohousing Community!

(formerly Perth Cohousing Initiative)

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Tay  Commons Cohousing Community is a group of seniors engaged in shaping how we will live in the coming years.  Since the summer of 2015 we have been building a community of people committed to offering one another neighbourly friendship and support in either a shared building or a network of private dwellings.  High among our priorities are a healthy, independent and sustainable lifestyle and active engagement in the world around us.

Our journey toward the goals we have set has been at times exhilarating and at other times disappointing.  At present, unexpected challenges have forced us to abandon plans for a building on the PerthWorks site and focus on finding other ways to create a cohousing community.  While these include considering other sites and other ways to construct a building, renovating an existing building, or living individually within the same neighbourhood, our most important consideration is always to keep strong the bonds that hold our community together.

You will find extensive information about cohousing and our project on this website.

And please come to get to know us and the project at one of our monthly meetings!

Meetings: 6 p.m. on the 1st Thursday of the month – a Potluck dinner meeting

Location: McMartin House, 125 Gore Street E., Perth.

For more information please contact:

Louise McDiarmid or Susan Samila louise_43@sympatico.ca ssamila@storm.ca 613-264-8590 613-264-1196